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A place where I put some videos that are puzzling.

Why are these videos "puzzling" because there REALLY is voter rigging and TWO rules of laws.

Politicians can cheat, lie, bribe, insider stock trades, release TOP SECRET emails and not go into prison, exile, or just plain droned or shot without ANY "due Process"!!!

If any regular citizens were to do the things ALL our politicians do, we would be JAILED or SHOT or DRONED !

Here is my view of how to vote if this election just bums you out completely


The next TWO videos are the state of USA EMPIRE and how the US Veterans are being SCREWED by the DOD












Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war


As a note: Since the Congress came together to allow people to SUE countries involved in the September 11, 2001 False Flag Operation carried out by Bush, Cheney, segments of DOD, DIA, Army, Navy, Air Force, NRO, Marines, CIA, FEMA, NSA, Israeli Mossed, Saudi Arabia and of course the home grown terror cover-up the FBI which is now SHOWN to be corruptible in the Clinton Emails

So I suggest ALL National Guard, especially California ones, get together and SUE the Obama Administration for CONTINUING the cover-up of 911 and pardoning Bush and Cheney for what they did WHILE in office, but that leaves them EXPOSED criminally for what they PLANNED before being elected.

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